First functionality of UMCC software : Functionality exporting emails from Lotus to the desktop or Windows Explorer
Protect your DOMINO mail  and  information systems  (Groupware)  :

against loss of information, 
against mishandling of data
against mishandling of replication settings, design, ACL...
SED Monitoring/Replication:   

defines replication strategies with security rules: on the number of documents added/updated,/deleted, on the analysis of the design, on the properties, on the replication settings, on the ACL and on the replication history of the databases. Thus, any mistake can be prevented, intercepted and logged.
Second functionality of UMCC: Functionality import emails from office or windows explorer to the software IBM Lotus Notes Domino.

stores details of all manipulations or events in a log. You can then prevent any mistake that has taken place in your company infrastructure and keep a detailed log of all actions you have chosen to take.
Third functionality: Functionality Import/Export/archive created by a simple drag/drop or copy/paste.
Main features
Protection of the integrity of your data during the replication of the Domino databases (System and application) :
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Online videos :
Online demo by video
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Contact us now to improve safety and protect your company against data loss and thus loss of customers and therefore money
Contact us now to improve safety and protect your company against data loss and thus loss of customers and therefore money
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Presentation of the software << Secure Environment for Domino monitoring >> (SED Monitoring)
SED Monitoring|Réplication allows to secure the replication of your data
UMCC software for extracting and archiving Lotus Notes messages in different formats (Outlook, Outlook Express, Web, Lotus).
An indispensable product to secure access to your Domino data
Your data is secured during replication
Software feature No. 1
Management of the replication process
Software feature No. 2
Management of the replication settings, design, ACL, properties, replication history
Software feature No. 2

SED Monitoring|Replication
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