Data exchange and messaging clients
The user wants to work with multiple email clients

Retrieving messages is important to:
> Keeping track of information exchanged (Archive)
> Continue to work on projects?
> Exchanging messages preserving the integrity of these (header).
> Forward messages to another e-mail is not necessarily a solution (loss of the header, difficulty finding posts, safety) especially if the number of messages is important.
> The user receives a message attachment in Outlook and want to read it in the Lotus Notes client.
The need to work with multiple messaging leads people's mail system to set up a process of converting messages
         > Addiction teams of information systems (IS)
         > Intervention time
         > The database is converted entirely into the new mail format
         > The conversion and installation on the user's computer is the responsibility of the IS

How to make this exchange of data to the user?
The data exchange between several mail clients can be done by the user:
         > In a single action of Copy - Paste
         > By a simple drag and drop action (drag & drop)
         > Selection of multiple messages
         > Keeping the headers of messages
         > With a conversion of Lotus Notes address into Internet addresses
         > Check all the messages in the Windows folders
Export of messages in the selected format:
Display the page with the software UMCC.
Import of messages to a Lotus Notes mail service:
The user is thus:

> Autonomous
> Independent of the information system
> No response time
> Conversion on the fly
> Maintain the integrity of the message
> Archive for messages within Web format, Outlook, with respect to its records arborescencence in Lotus Notes mail database.
Information about mail archive and conversion Lotus/Outlook
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